Thursday, August 01, 2013

Launch of our new 9-Grid™ model mapping LMS and e-learning provision in the UK and EMEA

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new and unique insight into the European (EMEA) learning and talent market. Our new 9-Grid™ models for Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Bespoke E-learning Development are based on independent analysis and insights through our corporate research network of over 150 organisations including BP, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce and Vodafone.

We created the 9-Grid™ approach in response to the lack of depth and flexibility provided by existing analyst models, which are typically US-focused and don't really reflect market differences in the UK and Europe. And we know from experience that this leaves a vacuum for buyers trying to decide which LMS and e-learning solutions best meet their needs. The 9-Grid™ for Bespoke E-learning Development is the first of its kind to profile the performance of companies within this market sector. And the 9-Grid™ for LMS is the first European specific market view.

The aim of both models is to demonstrate the relative value of the solutions available in the market based on five levels of insight; Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and Elearnity’s own expectations on how the trajectory of performance and potential might change in the future.

It's all about context
One of the notable elements of 9-Grid™ is that there is intrinsic value in all the zones on the model – not just the top right! The model highlights how different solutions will suit different types of organisation, and in particular, the relative trade-off between a vendors positioning with their total cost of ownership. So buyers can gain an understanding of how LMS’s and different e-learning providers compare, but also more importantly, how to match the available solutions to their own context and goals.

Fitting the right vendor with your specific needs is a vital ingredient for success, but up until now, there has been very little independent analysis that accurately reflects the market, especially for UK and EMEA organisations. Most other analyst models are US-centric and therefore can be of limited real value to organisations in Europe seeking to make the best decision about which learning and talent technologies to invest in.

In terms of Bespoke E-learning Development, we are talking about a vibrant market that has never had any real research resource of this type. Companies are investing considerable time and effort in sourcing their solutions, and that’s why we’ve created the 9-Grid™ - to help them find the right partners and spend their budgets in the most appropriate way. We believe in providing the audience on this side of the Atlantic with analysis and insights that are specific and relevant to their needs and organisational context.

The two 9-Grid™ models released today are the first in a series from us focusing on the main segments of the learning and talent market. So look out for further 9-Grid™ models later in 2013, including for Integrated Talent Management and for E-Learning Authoring Platforms, with others to follow.

Click here to download your free copy of the 9-Grid™ for LMS and click here for your free copy of the 9-Grid™ for Bespoke E-learning.