Thursday, March 14, 2013

"I can't get No (European) Satisfaction" ?

Who provides the best customer satisfaction for Learning Technology in Europe?

CSAT 2013
You would think that it's a relatively easy question to answer, but unfortunately it isn't. 

You can, with the right conversations, build an anecdotal view.  And true lots of vendors conduct "private" surveys and there are sporadic "global surveys".  

But, as we know from the debacle over Apple's Maps - the real issue is how well an application operates in your region.  Service delivery and solutions capabilities often vary - considerably - from region to region. And, in reality, most of the Customer Surveys you can access for Learning Technology are heavily focused on a North American view.

So, whilst the suppliers typically hoard any customer feedback, never to be seen in public, what is there that enables you, the European learning technology buyer, to understand who provides the best customer satisfaction; in an objective sense, both in terms of solutions and service?

Until now there hasn't really been anything.

And that is why Elearnity are launching an independent survey of customer satisfaction  for Learning Technology focused predominantly on the experience of European customers.  

Why are we doing this? 

Put simply - To help provide much needed transparency to how European customers rate their learning technology - with the goal of helping all providers raise standards.   

Nothing ever changed by the voice of the customer being stifled or hidden.  

If you want to help suppliers improve standards - have your say. 

 If you want to have your voice heard, do it in our independent survey.  

Simply follow the attached link and start to share your views.

An initial Summary Report is planned to be released in Q2 2013.  

All corporate customers who complete the survey will be sent a copy of the Summary Report.