Friday, April 19, 2013

1/3rd of Corporates - FAIL - to get a Positive Impact from their LMS!

With two weeks to go until it closes - Our Customer Satisfaction Survey is throwing up some interesting results.

Initial data is pointing to the fact that at least one third of organisations are failing to make a positive impact with their Learning Management Systems.

Business impact is clearly a a critical measure of success for any system. And it is concerning that, so far, our research is highlighting how low satisfaction levels can be with  some LMS deployments - especially as others appear to be getting it right.

As we dig deeper into the responses, I expect we'll find some interesting correlations between different suppliers  -  both positive and negative.  Until now there has't been a way for users to share the realities of working with different learning solutions.  So, with a couple of weeks left until the survey closes, there is still time for customers to have their say and bring some much needed transparency to the European Learning Technology market.
Importantly - only corporate participants who complete the survey will be provided with free access to the Summary Report when  released later in the year.

The research remains open for until 03 May 2013 and can be accessed via our website.

You've got to be in it, to get it!  So - get involved!

The Survey can be reach through the following link: