Monday, January 23, 2012

Vendor Perspectives 2012

We're pleased to announce that Elearnity is publishing its first series of Vendor Perspectives. These new reports provide the only in-depth, independent analysis of learning technology vendors with a UK/European focus.
We've been analysing and advising on learning technology solutions on the front line for over 15 years, helping organisations such as Boots UK, Lloyds Banking Group and Vodafone choose the right vendor partners and achieve real results. Recognising the diverse and often complex nature of the learning technology market, the team has created Elearnity’s Vendor Perspectives to help organisations take a short-cut to understanding the realities of different vendor solutions.
Learning Technology is a specialist market, with a wide range of vendors offering competing solutions. Telling the difference between vendors is difficult. Whether you’re brand new to the market, or already have experience, it is still difficult to get an independent expert view of which vendors you should consider, and how good they really are at delivering in a complex environment. We’ve been helping corporate clients do this for years, but wanted to make this knowledge more accessible to a wider audience and help organisations to find the best solutions faster.
So what is Vendor Perspectives? 
Vendor Perspectives review solutions from key players in the learning technology market to provide an unbiased insight into the solutions they provide. The reports capture the experiences of Elearnity’s corporate research network, as well as analysis from our independent vendor briefings.  This is shared using ‘5-star’ ratings and analyst commentary of 30+ different factors covering: Market Presence and Scalability, Ease of Delivery, Enterprise Flexibility, Solution Capability, Corporate and User Experience, and Cost.
Uniquely, the Vendor Perspectives are created with a UK/European not US focus. Most research that is available is dominated by input from the United States. Within the UK and Europe, this information often has limited relevance and value; it is often quite superficial, and doesn’t focus on the specific challenges faced by multi-national companies, or the local capabilities of the vendors in Europe. That’s exactly what Elearnity’s Vendor Perspectives do.
To quote one of our corporate clients, Gary Bellamy, Head of Learning Technologies at Lloyds Banking Group, ”I have worked with Elearnity for a number of years because we simply couldn’t find the same in-depth knowledge of the learning technologies market anywhere else. The team has much real-world experience of seeing how solutions work in action which I have found invaluable when separating fact from fiction in the market. Anyone involved in implementing learning or technology solutions should use the Vendor Perspectives to get an independent and instant insight into the solutions that exist in the market today.”
We’re hoping that downloading the reports will save organisations the time and expense of carrying out research themselves, and assist in the decision making process by providing real-world insights and a level of detail you won’t find anywhere else (even if we do say so ourselves!). 
The first set of reports will cover core areas, with more to follow:
  •          Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  •          E-learning authoring systems
  •          Bespoke e-learning contentOur Summary Perspectives will be available from 1st February. So watch this space for updates and be the first to have a look at the very latest learning technology analysis and insight. 
Also see our website for more information.