Thursday, February 09, 2012

Learning and Skills Group Webinar

- Lessons in Choosing Your Ideal Learning Systems Platform and Partner

Whether its choosing an LMS or an e-learning authoring platform, organisations often spend many months researching the market and trying to select the right vendor partners. 

But even the best RFP process or functional requirements document is only part of the story, and organisations often still choose products that they struggle to implement or end up replacing within a short period of time. 

Based on Elearnity's corporate research, David Wilson discussed some of the key reasons why companies sometimes choose the wrong solutions or partners, and how to avoid repeating their mistakes.
  • What to look for in your potential vendors and how different are they anyway?
  • How useful is a Magic Quadrant?
  • Best of breed versus best fit and value for me
  • The key factors influencing successful outcomes
  • What are the bad scenarios, leading to bad choices?

If you missed the LSG webinar you can have a look at David's slide deck and get a sense of how to enrich your selection process and decision making.

For further reading You can also download our selection and procurement ViewPoint "Functionality Is not Enough", which will also give you additional insights into how to make successful selections.

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