Thursday, February 02, 2012

Get a Free Summary Perspective

Yesterday we put our first Summary Perspectives reports up onto our website. So, you can now download them for FREE!   No cost.

But, why would you want an Elearnity Perspective anyway? What are they?  Why have we published them?

Well, we know how time consuming and expensive vendor research can be - we do it all the time, reviewing solutions from the key players in the learning technology market to get an unbiased insight into the solutions they provide. Elearnity’s Vendor Perspectives are the only in-depth, independent analysis of learning technologies and innovation for organisations based in the UK and EMEA. 
These reports are invaluable whether you are:

  •  Assessing your options into new approaches
  •  Re-evaluating an existing solution
  • Keeping track of new suppliers and product, or
  • Simply re-affirming choices you’ve already made

We independently find out everything you need to know. 
So now when you’re evaluating learning technology solutions, you’ve got a short-cut to expert insights, analysis and inside information that will help you make the right decisions.  

If you would like to explore our Perspectives you can look at them at

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