Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Nuvvo up for sale!

Brent Scheckler noticed that Nuvvo, the innovative e-learning platform and marketplace from Canadian company Savvica is up for sale. Apparantly they've run out of money to push it forward and are looking to sell the business and technology. Here is the full announcement text, or a link to Nuvvo's blog.

Nuvvo’s sale may also reflect some realities of the e-learning market as well as some of the mistakes Savvica may have made in themselves.

To our eyes, Nuvvo made an interesting splash with an innovative service which was nicely packaged, but like many web start-ups, underestimated the time and cost to build a robust pipeline of business, and the costs to establish an e-brand. Whilst selling a paid service is always an issue with open source alternatives, I doubt it was as significant as being portrayed. After all, only a small proportion of the cost of e-learning relates to the platform, it just happens to be a visible amount.

The e-learning market has proved to be a graveyard for many organisations over the past few years, I am sure there will be more!


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David Wilson said...

Interestingly enough, John Philip Green Nuvvo's CTO response to my quote was:

@David Wilson: I’d say your assessment is right on. BlackBoard is the juggernaut in the higher ed industry, despite many better competitors out there. For what its worth, I still think that Nuvvo’s approach as a fun, fully self-serve model will one day win out. It just might take a company with more resources than we had our disposal (sorry mom and dad!).

... an honest post. :)