Thursday, April 19, 2012

LSG Webinar: Moving beyond 70:20:10: Building a context-driven learning strategy

One of the most popular terms used in L&D today is 70:20:10. Talk to almost any L&D leader and they will say it’s the foundation for their Learning Strategy. 

But, how useful is the 70:20:10 model in really helping you build a practical learning strategy and architecture? 

How do you move beyond the numbers and start to build a context-driven approach to performance development? 

Based on Elearnity’s corporate research, David Perring will explore:
· The danger of absolutes and how learning context is King
· Approaches to visualising your Learning Strategy and why it's important
· Mapping your Learning Ecosystem
· Taking a role based view – matching learning architectures to learner contexts
· How to assess the real opportunities of innovations, such as Mobile Learning

If you missed David's presentation today for the Learning Skills Group, you can download the presentation deck (minus the technical difficulties) using the following URL.

For further reading You can also download our Mobile Learning Insights paper.


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