Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Providence looks to chalk up Blackboard for $1.64 Billion

It is thought provoking that an e-learning company would be worth $1.64 Billion, in cash. But that's exactly what Providence Equity Partnership have valued Blackboard for, in their recent acquisition offer.

Blackboard have historically been the dominant player in the educational VLE market, although over the past year they have been losing a significant proportion of their market share to open source alternatives such as Moodle and Sakai.
So, what does this mean for EMEA based corporates?
Is this shift in ownership going to create some ripples, this side of the pond?
In the short term, not really. Blackboard isn't a name that has really been that visible in the EMEA enterprise sector. Their academic model, hasn't attracted much interest outside of the academic world in Europe.
But, looking further out, this could be a turning point for Blackboard, and could mean the start of a a sea change in the LMS market.
With the Learning Management System market-place moving increasingly towards a more holistic, talent and performance story, corporate talent networks, and collaborative work-based learning approaches; Blackboard's VLE functionality could become much more attractive, if Blackboard moves some of its focus from managing semester based education programmes to supporting the corporate learning context.

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LiamMcCoy said...

blackboard seems to be the main software that most of the colleges where I live use. I never really knew what it was until about 8 years ago. It has grown so much and seeing the colleges expand and use it has been interesting. I can't believe the technology shift that has occurred in schools and corporations. There has been so many advances with how we learn that it makes me curious too see how corporate learning will continue to grow and change.