Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Learning Technologies 2011 Videos

It's just over a month ago that we presented at the Learning Technologies Conference 2011.

In many ways it seemed like a distant memory; well that was up until Stephen Clee drew our attention to the conference videos that are now available online, and all the memories came flooding back - supported by the relevant slide deck..
Naturally, to anyone other than a complete egotist, the prospect of watching yourself back on video is about as comfortable a feeling as a queuing up for a triple root canal at your dentist.
Thankfully for the spectator tho, the videos are perfectly painless and pleasantly informative.
The Elearnity Presentations are in the links I've attached below, but the entire conference line up is available for your delectation.

It's not quite Oscar material, but it's entertaining all the same.



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