Friday, April 13, 2007

Malcolm Gladwell at LMS 2007

I'm currently at Elliot Masie's LMS 2007 event in Las Vegas. A typical Elliot event with lots of Elliot facilitated discussion with his Masie Fellows, and somtimes with the audience. Overall I'm not sure the format works for me. The interaction is good, but the discussions are often a bit superficial to carry the attention of the audience for prolongued periods.

Anyway, that's not the point of the post. Yesterday's keynote discussion was with Malcolm Gladwell which was (for me) quite thought provoking and interesting - both at a personal level, and also thinking about the implications for the learning market.

Here are my mindmap notes (there was no presentation slides).


Clive Shepherd said...

Impressive mindmap! Did you create this during his presentation? Did this process get in the way of your appreciation of what he had to say?

David Wilson said...

Thanks Clive. Yes, I created it live during the session and then spent a few minutes tidying it up afterwards - spell check etc.

But I've had lots of practice! We use this approach very frequently for analyst meetings, corporate roundtables, vendor briefings etc as a way of maximising the information we capture and minimising the back-end work to make it useful. Paper notes frequently take more work to put coherently online than they did to record in the first place. I don't have the time for that!

Does it lessen my appreciation ... I hope not, although occassionally I might miss something. Actually I think it might enhance my appreciation as my familiarity with using the tools means I'm a)allows me to dynamically structure my notes and thoughts live in session, and b) because recording a lot more significantly increases my direct retention afterwards.

Works for me.