Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Informal Comment - The Blog Switch

I've been providing some background commentary to go alongside Elearnity's research knowledge base for a while and now decided I need to commit more effort to this active. Basically there are just too many things/conversations going on to handle them all through formal comment in our analyst service or through structured articles and presentations. It takes too long to get the stories out there, and the mechanisms for feedback and discussion are just too limited.

I've therefore decided that a change of strategy is due. As of now, I'm increasing significantly the level of general blog activity, and creating it via my Learning Reflections blog on blogspot. I will be similarily be ceasing informal blog entries in the main Elearnity knowledge centre, but will include links to relevant entries from Learning Reflections.

Whilst this is actually less integrated from the point of view of the formal Elearnity research, it is much more flexible and integrated with the general blogosphere. And I guess that counts for more.

Hopefully you will find this easier to use and find, but let me know if this creates any issues. Otherwise this will be the last blog entry in the knowledge base.

Regards, DAVID


Barry said...

David, great to see the new blog. I'm looking forward to your insights.

David Wilson said...

Thanks Barry - always on the pulse I see.

I think a more active blog is a better way to get more thoughts out faster, and to get conversations going as well.

But I guess, the prove will be in the pudding ....

Barry said...

Always on the net is what I think you mean :-)

I completely agree with you. I'm particularly keen to see conversations being led by people like yourself who don't have a vested interest in a product.

I did give you a nice mention on my blog ;-)

Learning Technology Blog

David Wilson said...

Just read it, and thanks, I assume it was a compliment.

Look forward to further encouragement or berating as per the mood of the day.